Nissan S14 95-99 BC-Racing Coilover Kit BR-RS

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This BC Racing coilover has the following specifications:

* Default Springrate Front: 8K
* Default Springrate Rear: 6K
* Pillowball Topmounts Front: NO
* Pillowball Topmounts Rear: NO
* Camber Adjustable Topmounts Front: NO
* Camber Adjustable Topmounts Rear: NO
* Manufacturer Code: D-14-RS

BR Series: Street & Track use - Pro (Stage 2)
The BR Series Model is the perfect choice for street driving and the occasional race track or autocross duty. With easily accessible adjustment knobs for fine-tuning compression and rebound, ride height adjustment independent of shock stroke and spring preload, having a performance coilover system has never been easier. The driver chooses how low or high the vehicle sits (no preset ride height here!) and a BC Racing patented concave lower locking ring keeps it locked securely in place. Most systems can be upgraded to pillowball mounts to get the most feedback possible from the suspension and to sharpen steering response. BC Racing front camber plates (if available) also allow a driver to get the perfect alignment setup without compromise. Each of these features is offered, while providing a strong, attractive coilover system at a reasonable price.

* Mono-Tube Shock Design
* Linear Piston And Damping Curve
* Height Adjustment Via Shock Body, Not Spring
* 30-Clicks Of Damping Adjustment (Compression/Rebound) Simultaneously
* Front Camber Plates Standard On Applicable Kits
* Rear Camber Plates Available On Applicable Kits
* Custom Spring Rates Available For Most Applications
* In the box: 4 Coilovers including Dampers, Springs, Lower Mounts, Topmounts (if applicable), Adjuster Wrenches, Warranty Card with Serial Nr.

Note: Pictures online are mostly general (sample) images of the BR series, it does not show the actual set for your car.

Subseries Info:
The BR-Series has the following subseries, often depending on the original suspension design that your car manufacturer used (like Mcpherson, double wishbone or A-Arm);

- Front: With Rubber Top Mount
- Rear: With (or Without) Rubber Top Mount

- Front: With Pillow Ball Top Mount (Camber Adjustable Where Applicable)
- Rear: With (or Without) Rubber Top Mount

- Front: With Pillow Ball Top Mount (Camber Adjustable Where Applicable)
- Rear: Pillowball Top Mount (Camber Adjustable Where Applicable)

- Front: Without Top Mount
- Rear: With (or Without) Rubber Top Mount