Nissan S14 95-99 BC-Racing Coilover Kit [ER]

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This BC Racing coilover has the following specifications:

* Default Springrate Front: 8K
* Default Springrate Rear: 6K
* Pillowball Topmounts Front: NO
* Pillowball Topmounts Rear: NO
* Camber Adjustable Topmounts Front: NO
* Camber Adjustable Topmounts Rear: NO
* Manufacturer Code: D-14-ER

ER Series: Track use ‐ 2-Way Adjustable (Stage 4)
The ER Series features large external reservoirs front and rear, independently adjustable rebound and compression, plus a mono-tube twin-piston design. The large external reservoirs allow for a higher oil capacity that translates to faster heat dissipation during extended road course use. Additionally, the external reservoirs house the secondary piston, which allows for the independent adjustment of compression, separate from rebound adjustment. The ER Series coilover is the perfect system for the driver who wants to dial in his or her suspension by varying the compression and rebound settings to fit a specific driving style and performance demand.

* 2-Way Adjustable - External Reservoirs
* Mono-Tube Damper With Twin Piston Design
* Height Adjustment Via Shock Body, Not Spring
* 30 Clicks Of Independently Adjustable Compression And Rebound
* Front External Reservoir
* Front Pillowball Top Mount (Camber Adjustable Where Applicable)
* Rear External Reservoir
* Rear Pillowball Top Mount (Camber Adjustable Where Applicable)
* Attention: As these sets are for track use only they can make noises that for some users may not be acceptable for daily/street use.
* In the box: 4 Coilovers including Dampers, Springs, Lower Mounts, Topmounts (if applicable), Adjuster Wrenches, Warranty Card with Serial Nr.