Nissan S13 89-94 BC-Racing Coilover Kit [HM]

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This BC Racing coilover has the following specifications:

* Default Springrate Front: 8K
* Default Springrate Rear: 6K
* Pillowball Topmounts Front: NO
* Pillowball Topmounts Rear: NO
* Camber Adjustable Topmounts Front: NO
* Camber Adjustable Topmounts Rear: NO
* Manufacturer Code: D-12-HM

HM Series: Track use ‐ 2-Way Adjustable - Inverted Dampers (Stage 4.1)

The BC Racing HM Series Coilover system offers the same great benefits of the RM Series with the addition of 2-way damping adjustment. Each HM Coilover system offers inverted mono-tube dampers with independently adjustable compression and rebound. The inverted damper design moves vital damper fluid away from detrimental heat sources to avoid overheating, which can cause damper fade under extreme track use. The inverted damper also allows for decreased unsprung weight by moving the majority of the coilover mass up to the chassis where weight can be shaved more easily. With the BC Racing HM Series Coilover System, the external reservoir exits the damper at the top allowing for infinitely variable mounting locations under the hood or in the trunk for easy adjustment at the track. The combination of inverted mono-tube dampers and external reservoirs make the HR Series suited for the most demanding users on the track.

* 2-Way Adjustable - External Reservoirs
* Inverted Mono-Tube Damper With Twin Piston Design
* Height Adjustment Via Shock Body, Not Spring
* 30 Clicks Of Independently Adjustable Compression And Rebound
* Front Top Mounted External Reservoir Braided hose design on inverted shocks
* Camber plates or pillowball top mounts all around (A few car models do not use top mounts)
* Rear External Reservoir
* Not all vehicles allow for inverted rear dampers, in such cases an upright mono-tube damper will be supplied where the braided line/hard stem for the external reservoir exits the base of the damper.
* Attention: As these sets are for track use only they can make noises that for some users may not be acceptable for daily/street use.
* In the box: 4 Coilovers including Dampers, Springs, Lower Mounts, Topmounts (if applicable), Adjuster Wrenches, Warranty Card with Serial Nr.
* HM series shock cartridges (inserts) are NOT sold separately. Whenever a shock cartridge requires replacing the customer is required to buy a complete unit.