HKS SS Hiper CT9A/GT-A/GSR Evo 7/8

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In the Japanese vehicle category, HKS is a brand that is highly recommended, with almost 40 years experience in engine tuning, unparalleled by the competition.The fruit of many years of engineering, HKS exhausts have undergone many demanding tests in order to offer reliability, performance, quality, great sound and finish, all of which are far superior to OEM parts. Easy to install with "plug & play" and bolt-on capacities, HKS exhausts can be installed without making any modifications.
HKS exhausts add a racing touch and a great sound to your vehicle, while improving reliability and benefitting from the high quality finish that is guaranteed by HKS.
All bolts and gaskets are included with the kit, facilitating installation. All HKS parts go in place of the OEM components without any modifications.

Brand: HKS
Product: Silent Hi-Power Muffler - CT9APart Num: 31019-AM007
SPECIFICATIONS:Style: HP (High Power)Type: S (Oval silencer, designed for noise reduction)Material: High Quality Stainless Steel (SUS304)OD Tail (mm): 120Diameter Pipe (mm): 75Noise Level (Near Exhaust): 93dB (OEM 88dB)