Garrett GT2871R Turbo for SR20DET & CA18DET

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Direct fitment for SR / CA!

  • Ball bearing GT2871R
  • To suit SR20DET & CA18DET
  • Will give 280-460HP
  • Internal wastegate, actuator provided
  • Turbine AR 0.64
  • Compressor AR 0.6
  • Guaranteed by Garrett Europe
  • The best prices!
  • Garrett part no. : 836026-5012S

Turbo Garrett GT2871R Specification

The Garrett GT2871R is a ball bearing "plug & play" turbo for Nissan SR20DET (will also fit CA18DET using DriftShop water & oil hoses for CA18). It will move enough air for 280 to 460 horsepower and fits in place of the original. Fitment is compatible with many standard components: manifold and exhaust, intake, actuator and water and oil supply hoses. It has an internal wastegate.

A direct fit for Nissan 200SX S13, S14, S15 and S14A with SR20DET engines, this turbo is a good compromise between performance and complexity of adaptation. It can also be mounted on a CA18DET S13, but requires oil/water hoses and a specific adapter (not supplied) to connect the air inlet hose.

Warranty is provided by Garrett Europe. Warning: Upgrading your turbocharger is complex and involves the replacement of many peripheral parts, such as injectors and engine management. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the installation of turbos.


Engine CodeCA18DET, SR20DETManufacturerGarrett