ACL Trimetal Reinforced Rod Bearings - Toyota 1JZ, 2JZ

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ACL Rod Bearings Toyota 1JZ, 2JZ

  • Rod Bearings ACL Trimetal
  • To suit high RPM/load applications
  • Offer reduced friction and operating temperatures
  • Increased oil supply and overall lubrication
  • ACL reference : 6B8100H-STD
  • Complete pack for Toyota 1JZ, 2JZ
  • Engine code(s) : 1JZ / 2JZ (full application list below)

ACL Race Rod Bearings Toyota 1JZ, 2JZ

Designed to withstand high RPM, temperatures and load, these high strength bearings are manufactured by ACL from 3 layers of hardened steel, copper and nickel. This "trimetal" composition substantially lowers friction, and thus reduces the operating temperatures while providing superior lubrication.

These bearings are sold in complete sets (for a complete engine).

If you require non-standard grade bearings or HX references, or are performing an engine rebuild, feel free to contact us for a detailed quote - we stock many internal parts, and can provide most required for complete engine repair.

Compatibility, models and engine codes : Toyota 1JZ-GE, 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GE, 2JZ-GTE - 2492cc, 2997cc